Commerce City Child Custody Lawyer

Commerce City Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Child custody agreements, parental visitation, and child support orders are often one of the most emotionally draining aspects of any divorce involving minor children. Emotions may be running high, but now is the time for you and your ex to put your child's well-being first. The highly qualified Commerce City family law attorneys at Johnson Law Group can help you keep your priorities straight and fight for the best possible outcomes for you and your kids.

Working with a top-notch child custody lawyer in Commerce City, CO will help ensure that your children are cared for and supported after the divorce. Your bond with your children does not have to suffer simply because of the divorce, and neither does their quality of life. Whether you and your ex can amicably work with a mediator or you need to hash it out in a courtroom, the family law team at Johnson Law Group can help move things forward smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.


Commerce City Child Custody Lawyer

An Important Note About Colorado Family Law

Some divorcing parents are surprised to learn that “child custody” is not actually a legal term defined under Colorado law. In Colorado, the legal code refers to the "allocation of parental responsibilities'' rather than calling it "child custody." These differences in terminology can make it difficult to locate high-quality first hand sources online when parents try to conduct their own divorces.

When To Look for a Commerce City, CO Family Law Firm

If you are about to enter divorce proceedings in Commerce City, CO (or if the divorce is already filed but marital issues like child custody are becoming impossible to tackle on your own), then you may currently be in the decision-making phase of hiring a Colorado child custody attorney to represent you. You must make the decision that works best for you, your kids, and your future. As you decide, consider these factors:

  • Are you thinking clearly? - The very fact that you must go to court to fight for the right to parent your own children can understandably rankle many parents. You may think that your parental rights will be your shield in court and that no judge would dare question your record as a good parent. The whole thing can feel offensive to a dedicated parent. Do not let anger or self-righteousness cloud your judgment in this time of heightened emotions. It's likely that your ex is feeling equally entitled to the children, and you can be assured their lawyer will be fighting for maximum access to and time with them.
  • What do your children think? - Depending on how old your children are, it can be productive and healthy to involve them in the divorce process in a limited way. This allows them to feel respected and heard and like they have more agency in a tumultuous time in their own lives. Have frank conversations with your children about how they're feeling and what they want the future to look like for all of you.
  • Is your ex represented? - Even if you and your spouse can sit down and productively address the divorce together, it’s important to be aware of their legal strategies. If your spouse decides to lawyer up, it can be crucial for you to do the same quickly before you are overpowered in court. Your ex may be civil—hopefully, this is the case—but you should not mistake that to mean they will be a pushover in court or go along with whatever you suggest for child custody arrangements. Allowing professional attorneys to work through these sensitive issues can help keep things calm and productive between you and your ex, and that’s always best for the children.
  • Do you or your ex have a history of criminality or abuse? - Criminal records and abusive actions in the past can be very effectively weaponized in a family law court. If there are any such issues relevant to your child custody case, it’s crucial to be open with your attorney about them so that you can build the correct legal strategy to address them.
  • Are you trying to change an existing child custody order? - Modifications to a child custody order can be requested long after a divorce has been finalized. You have parental rights, and these do not simply vanish when your ex is named the custodial parent after divorce proceedings.

Child Custody Attorneys FAQs

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Get Custody of a Child in CO?

A: There is no set fee you can pay the court to “get custody” of a minor child. The courts must process your divorce and consider each parent’s situation, history, and means before calculating child support and child custody according to robust legal guidelines. The most likely path to achieving favorable outcomes in a Commerce City child custody case is to hire a qualified family law attorney, such as the team at Johnson Law Group of Denver.

Q: How Do I Find the Best Child Custody Lawyer?

A: The best child custody lawyer is the one that you trust and feel comfortable with. Look for attorneys with local experience and subject area expertise. The family law experts of Johnson Law group have a track record of success representing parents and families throughout Adams, Arapahoe, and Denver counties. To find out if our firm is a good fit for you, please contact us today for a no-stress, no-judgment consultation.

Q: How Much Do Child Custody Lawyers Cost in Colorado?

A: Like any other legal services, the cost of legal representation in a child custody case will vary based on many individual factors. Some of these factors include your specific location, the quality of your attorney, and how complex your case is (i.e., how many hours in a courtroom it might require).

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Go to Court for Child Custody in Colorado?

A: Again, the total cost of a child custody case will vary based on many individual factors like your location, how effective your legal representation is, the paperwork you need to file, and how many hours you spend in court fighting for custody. Remember to budget for filing fees and court costs in addition to paying your attorney.

Johnson Law Group – Your Trusted Partner for Commerce City, CO Child Custody Cases

If you’re facing a child custody battle or looking for help mediating a divorce in the Commerce City area, Johnson Law Group is available to assist. The family law team at Johnson Law Group has in-depth experience with the local courts, and we understand how to tackle even the most sensitive and volatile child custody matters with the utmost tact and professionalism. Contact us today for help.

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