Calculating Child Support in Colorado

April 19, 2024
Colorado child support is calculated using a formula that considers factors like income, parenting time, and child-related expenses. This provides a baseline but isn't fixed - parents can use it as a starting point for an agreement. Having an experienced attorney by your side is recommended for the most accurate guidance.
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Will Your Divorce End Up in Court? Here's How to Know

April 17, 2024
Unsure if your Colorado divorce will involve a courtroom battle? The answer depends on your ability to agree with your spouse on key issues like asset division, spousal support, and child custody. If communication and negotiation prove successful, you can likely avoid litigation.
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Facing Divorce Papers in Colorado

April 13, 2024
Facing divorce papers can throw your life into turmoil, but Johnson Law Group is here to guide you through the storm. From understanding the initial shock to meeting crucial deadlines, our team equips you with the tools to navigate the complexities of divorce with confidence.
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Filing For Divorce in Colorado (2024 Guide)

April 11, 2024
Are you facing the daunting prospect of divorce? With guidance from Johnson Law Group, navigating the filing process becomes manageable. From understanding the critical importance of financial documents to unveiling the timeline of Colorado's disclosure process, our team equips you with the knowledge and support needed for a smoother transition.
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What Are Your Rights During Divorce in Colorado?

April 6, 2024
Facing divorce in Colorado? Don't go it alone, Johnson Law Group is here for you. This blog outlines four key rights you have, including spousal support, child custody, division of assets, and legal representation. Understanding these rights empowers you to make informed decisions during this difficult time.
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Grandparents' Rights in Colorado: Maintaining Connections with Your Grandchildren

April 4, 2024
In Colorado, grandparents can request visitation rights under certain circumstances, such as when the parents divorce or the child's well-being is at risk. The court prioritizes the child's best interests when making decisions and factors in the child's relationship with the grandparents, age, and wishes. If you're a grandparent in Colorado navigating this situation, our team at Johnson Law Group can be a valuable resource.
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Navigating Easter: A Parenting Time Guide for Divorced Parents

March 31, 2024
Easter celebrations post-divorce can be daunting, but with Johnson Law Group's expertise, Colorado families can ensure a seamless holiday experience for both parents and children. From sharing tips and activities for the holiday to crafting comprehensive parenting plans, our compassionate attorneys offer tailored solutions to ease your Easter parenting time concerns.
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A Roadmap to Divorce in Colorado

March 28, 2024
Navigating divorce in Colorado requires understanding residency requirements, distinguishing between uncontested and contested divorces, and gathering crucial documents. Johnson Law Group's family law attorneys provide essential guidance to ensure paperwork is filed correctly and your rights are protected throughout negotiations or trial proceedings.
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Understanding Guardianship for Minors in Colorado

March 22, 2024
Johnson Law Group acknowledges the complexity and emotional weight of the guardianship process, offering comprehensive guidance tailored to Colorado’s guardianship laws. Whether through emergency, temporary, or permanent guardianship, our team ensures a seamless process prioritizing the well-being of those involved, emphasizing the importance of legal support for guardianship proceedings.
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Celebrating Safely This St. Patrick's Day: Tips from Johnson Law Group

March 16, 2024
This St. Patrick's Day, prioritize safety with these tips from Johnson Law Group. Celebrate responsibly, and if trouble arises, our experienced attorneys are here to help. Remember to claim a $15 Uber ride voucher before they're gone!
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