Even the most amicable divorce can stir up feelings of anger. In a contentious divorce, those frustrations can spiral out of control, especially when children are involved. Unfortunately, in many Denver divorce cases, this can lead an angry ex-spouse to make false accusations against you. They may want to get back at you, make you hurt, and be willing to do anything to make your life more difficult. In their mind, telling untruths against you will get them an advantage in the divorce proceedings. This is especially true in cases where child custody is involved. Unfortunately, these allegations can and will hurt your case if not confronted properly. However, there are many things that you can do to stand up for yourself. You have truth on your side, and there are ways that you can protect yourself from baseless and fraudulent accusations.

False allegations in custody battles often include accusations of child abuse. Your ex-partner may think lies will make them better off in obtaining custody of your children. They may claim that you have brought harm to your children in any way they can think of, including emotional and physical abuse. Perhaps they will accuse you of drinking too much, misrepresenting each time you have a single glass of wine as a chronic problem. They may point to time spent with friends and cite that as evidence that you do not care about your child and are just out to have a good time.

If you are not perpetually happy, a vengeful ex may twist this into evidence of crippling mental illness. Any bump or bruise on a child can be misconstrued into evidence of neglect or abuse on your part. Even more deceitful, your ex-spouse can simply make things up, like accusing you of drug use. To be clear, false allegations like these are not only disgusting but are also illegal. Your ex-partner is breaking the law if they choose to do this.

Even if children are not involved, false allegations of abuse are common. Perhaps you have spent, in their mind, too much time at work, so your ex-partner accuses you of an illicit affair with a co-worker. In the most despicable of cases, an ex-spouse may accuse you of physical or even sexual assault. Every accusation will be taken seriously by the court, and each must be contested in the strongest possible terms.


False accusations can be frightening and make you feel helpless. The emotional toll can be devastating. However, there is no reason to lose hope because there are many ways you can stand up for yourself and not be at the mercy of a vengeful ex. Remember that the false accusations are illegal, and you have truth on your side. Judges are aware that angry ex-spouses often sink to the level of false accusations, and they are very good at spotting who is truthful. To navigate child custody in Colorado, consider the following:

  • Keep Records. Phone records are a great way of proving where you have been and what you have been up to. Often your phone can prove where you have been at specific times and places. Even time-stamped text messages and social media posts are helpful in showing the courts where you have been. A judge will find the idea that you had the foresight to create falsified texts or emails months or years before the divorce proceedings as very unlikely. Paycheck stubs, work records, and history of your work ethic will prove that you have been working hard to provide for your family, not neglecting it. Credit card statements can even give your location at specific times. If you have records showing no criminal history, you can present these to the court as evidence that there was no abuse.
  • Witnesses. Has an ex-partner accused you of an affair with a coworker? Character witnesses can easily show the court that the allegations are false and that you were at work to financially support your family. The people closest to you will know what allegations against you are false and can attest to you as a competent parent and faithful partner. Witnesses can tell the court how you care for your children and shine a light on the truths as a fit parent. Your children’s teachers can attest to your competence as a parent. If your ex-spouse is lying, there will be people who can point out their statements' falsity.
  • Be Truthful and Vigilant. Denver judges are very aware that false accusations are common in divorce proceedings. While your case is unique, a judge has seen many cases like yours before. When you are truthful, this will go a long way with a judge. If presented in the right light, your ex-partner will be the one looking desperate in the court’s eyes. Even though no person or parent is perfect, this must be differentiated from lies, and telling the truth is the best way to do that.

Be aware that Denver courts will take any accusation of physical or mental abuse, especially of children, very seriously. In the judge’s view, the safety of children comes first, and these false accusations will hurt your case if they are not confronted swiftly and aggressively. The custody divorce lawyers at Johnson Law Group are experts in aiding our clients in thoroughly refuting every false claim made against them. We know how to expose your ex-spouse of lying if they choose to use these disgraceful measures.

A vengeful spouse may even go as far as to file a false protection order against you to later use it as proof of abuse. You will want our expertise as some of Denver’s top child custody divorce attorneys at your side to navigate you through this process. 

Your ex-spouse has no right to spread lies about you in your divorce case to gain an advantage. If you are going through a high-conflict divorce where you are facing false allegations, contact an experienced family law attorney at Johnson Law Group at (720) 463-4333 or through Text-to-Chat at (720) 730-4558 today. We still stand by your side at every step of the way and make sure you are not taken advantage of in high-conflict Denver divorce proceedings.


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