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Commerce City, CO High Conflict Child Custody Attorney

Most parents are passionate about their children. Although this is often a supportive sentiment, it can complicate things in the case of divorce or child custody negotiations. When two parents fight diligently for custody of their child, it can lead to a high conflict child custody situation.

Although all child custody and child support scenarios warrant hiring a family law attorney, it is especially important to do so in high conflict custody situations. In fact, it is essential to find a custody lawyer in these situations who has experience in high conflict scenarios.

Our team at Johnson Law Group, LLC, has experience in high conflict child custody negotiations. We are here to help you navigate your custody battle.

Commerce City High Conflict Child Custody Lawyer

Commerce City, CO, High Conflict Child Custody Lawyers from Johnson Law Group, LLC

If you need a high-conflict child custody lawyer in Commerce City, CO, our team has the experience and resources that you are looking for. During our many years in the family law sector, we have developed strong skills in child custody negotiations. We have represented clients of all types, including those who have a high level of animosity with their child’s other parent. We are accustomed to high-conflict child custody situations and feel confident that we can represent you in your case.

Our team of high-conflict child custody attorneys understands that these situations are borne of passion for your child and concern for their future. Our goal is to collaborate with you to develop an argument that is compelling, based on reality, and reliable. Creating an argument based on facts rather than emotion benefits your case in the courtroom.

Many divorce attorneys in Colorado do not have experience in high-conflict child custody negotiations, but our team does. Trust Johnson Law Group, LLC, with all your child custody and child support needs.

What Is a High Conflict Child Custody Case?

Child custody negotiations occur when a child’s parents live separately and must determine a system for co-parenting their child. Although this is difficult for many parents, some parents have a higher level of anger, resentment, and frustration than other parents. This makes it nearly impossible for them to negotiate and communicate. In these situations, additional support is required, making high-conflict child custody negotiations necessary.

During a high-conflict negotiation, parents generally cannot resolve their issues through mediation or negotiation. These cases require courtroom litigation, complete with the oversight of a judge, to come to an agreement. Additional care, patience, and strategy are often needed.

Why Do I Need a High Conflict Child Custody Lawyer?

It is important to have an attorney in any child custody negotiation case. Your child’s custody schedule affects their entire life, as well as yours. Therefore, it is imperative that you make an investment in your family’s future. In high-conflict cases, it is especially critical to have legal representation.

High conflict cases involve parents who have difficulty communicating with one another without arguing. Because of this, it is important to have an attorney negotiate on your behalf. When you and your child’s other parent have legal representation, your lawyers can negotiate with one another, minimizing the arguments and conflicts that arise and helping you arrive at a solution efficiently.

Family Law FAQs

Q: At What Age Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With in Colorado?

A: Rather than an age limit, Colorado assesses a child’s wishes based on their ability to formulate an independent opinion. For some children, this may be at a younger age than others. In no situation will the court side with the child’s opinion if doing so puts them in danger or jeopardizes their health. However, if there are several safe options for child custody, the court may take the child’s opinion into account if they are mature enough to provide it.

Q: Can a Father Get Full Custody in Colorado?

A: Yes, a father can receive full custody in Colorado, as the parent’s gender has nothing to do with custody considerations. Instead, the court assesses a parent’s ability to care for and provide for their child. The court will also consider the parent’s living situation, social circle, work schedule, lifestyle, and more. If a child’s father is the most qualified candidate to care for his children, and the child’s other parent is not, the father can absolutely receive full custody rights.

Q: How Do You Settle Disputes Through Family Court?

A: The legal system can resolve your dispute in several ways. In some situations, you and your child’s other parent can resolve your issues with the help of a single mediator. In other situations, you and your child’s other parent each obtain legal representation. Your lawyers will then negotiate with one another to develop a solution. In yet other situations, your attorneys will argue your case in court before a judge, who will make the ultimate decision.

Q: How Much Do High Conflict Child Custody Attorneys Cost?

A: When you are negotiating a high-conflict child custody situation, the process usually takes longer than normal custody negotiations. Because of this, you can expect to pay more than you would in a standard custody case. However, it is difficult to say exactly how much the process will cost. The price will depend on what your lawyer charges, their fee structure, and the complexity of your case. Some attorneys charge hourly, while others offer a flat rate.

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For many years, our team has been helping families with their legal claims in Commerce City, CO. High conflict child custody negotiations are emotionally and logistically difficult. Our team has the training and experience to approach any situation you may face. We feel confident in our ability to represent families of all kinds in all types of legal scenarios. These include high conflict child custody claims and other intense and stressful family law cases.

For more information about our services, our firm, or to get started with a consultation, contact Johnson Law Group, LLC, today.

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