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Child custody negotiations are often the most emotionally difficult part of a divorce process. Most parents care deeply for their children. They do not want their relationship with them to change after the divorce is finalized. Unfortunately, child custody arrangements usually require a diminished amount of time with each parent.

Whether you are facing divorce or are negotiating child custody for other reasons, communication is key. Although some parents can put their differences aside for the sake of their children, some cannot. The latter often leads to arguments, disagreements, and heightened emotions during the child custody negotiation process.

These types of situations are called “high conflict” child custody cases, and they require knowledgeable legal care. Our team at Johnson Law Group, LLC, has the experience necessary to represent you during a high conflict child custody negotiation.

Englewood High Conflict Child Custody Lawyer

Johnson Law Group, LLC: Englewood, CO, High Conflict Child Custody Attorneys

For many years, our team has been serving the people of Englewood, CO, in their family law cases. During this time, we have gained valuable experience in a variety of family law issues. These include high conflict divorce, child custody, child support, and more. We understand how emotionally charged and difficult high conflict cases can be. We believe that our training and experience in this field give our clients an advantage.

Our family lawyers are here to work with you to develop a solution to your high conflict custody disagreement. Your situation is unique, and we can give your side of the story the attention and advocacy that it deserves. When we represent you, you gain peace of mind knowing that your legal team has experience with high conflict scenarios. Our firm offers reliable resources for you during this difficult time.

No other child custody family law lawyers can offer the level of service and care that we do at Johnson Law Group, LLC.

What Is a High Conflict Child Custody Claim?

Child custody negotiations are a legal process by which the court assigns a guardianship schedule to parents who live separately. During this process, the court assesses each parent’s ability to parent their children, provide safe housing, and offer financial support. Parents may receive full, partial, or no custody as the result of these negotiations.

High conflict cases occur when the parents of the child are prone to arguments, hostility, disagreements, spite, and similar emotions. Because of this, it is difficult for the two parties to come to an agreement through mediation or standard negotiations. Therefore, courtroom litigation is necessary.

During courtroom litigation, your attorney and your child’s other parent’s attorney will present arguments for why their clients deserve custody. The judge will assess the situation and decide on a custody agreement. The judge’s decision is final.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a High Conflict Child Custody Claim?

Child custody is a serious matter, regardless of your situation. The decision will directly affect your day-to-day life, as well as the manner in which your child is raised. If you want the court to consider your perspective, you need to present it properly, calmly, and clearly. The most effective way to do this is with an attorney.

High conflict negotiations require additional care that not all attorneys can provide. Creative problem solving, compromise, and collaboration need to occur to achieve a resolution. When searching for an attorney to represent you in a high conflict case, it is especially important for you to discuss their qualifications and history. Your attorney should have direct experience in high conflict child custody claims that are similar to yours.

Family Law FAQs

Q: What Causes High Conflict Custody Cases?

A: There are a variety of situations that can lead to high-conflict child custody negotiations. Generally, these cases occur because a child’s parents cannot communicate or have had an especially difficult divorce. Infidelity, bitterness, and resentment can all cause high-conflict scenarios, but they do not always do so. In some situations, two parents simply cannot come to an agreement and have a difficult time negotiating without yelling or fighting.

Q: How Do I Fight for Full Custody of Children in Colorado?

A: If you want full custody of your child, you need to show the court that you can care for your child and provide a safe home. You must also simultaneously prove that your child’s other parent is incapable of doing so. This can cause ugly arguments, accusations, and high-conflict scenarios. However, these are the only circumstances in which the court would grant full custody to one parent. If both parents are capable, shared custody will likely be the result.

Q: Are Custody Battles Complicated?

A: Yes, custody battles are often complicated. The court aims to determine the safest, most nurturing situation for the child at hand. Each parent is arguing for their own preference and defending their own interests. The court must consider logistics as well as how the agreement will affect the child. Whenever a child is involved, it is easy for emotions to run high, which can further complicate the situation. Always hire an attorney for child custody negotiations.

Q: How Do I Hire a Lawyer for My High Conflict Custody Case?

A: The process of hiring an attorney usually begins with interviews with prospective lawyers. During these meetings, you should ask each attorney about their experience, track record, testimonials, and reputation. Discuss their cost and payment structure as well. In high-conflict scenarios, be sure that the attorney that you choose has direct experience in high-conflict cases like yours. The more specific their experience is, the better fit they will be for your claim.

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Our team at Johnson Law Group, LLC, understands the stress and anxiety that high conflict child custody cases often create. Because of this, we are committed to providing legal counsel that gives you peace of mind and agency within your case. We understand how important children are to their parents, and you can trust our team with your changing family dynamic.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, reach out to Johnson Law Group, LLC.

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