Divorce Support Groups In Colorado

September 1, 2021

Divorce Support Groups

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2019 there were 746,971 divorces reported in 45 states and D.C. Those numbers are known to have spiked significantly within the last year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are considering filing for a divorce or have been asked for a divorce, you are most likely experiencing a number of overwhelming emotions, including sadness, anger, regret, and panic. It is completely normal to experience a mix of feelings and uncertainty, as you begin the process.

Divorce can be especially stressful if you have children that will be affected by the process. Children should learn coping skills that will help them understand their feelings, and fears and be able to share it with others who have been through the same process. Therefore, seeking help from others who have been through the same thing has been proven to be beneficial for the adults as well as the children involved. Divorce support groups in Colorado have been found to be a great source for that purpose and their privacy and anonymity provide the support the parties need. Call an attorney at Johnson Law Group at (720) 463-4333, today to further discuss your options and benefits of divorce support groups in Colorado.

Resources to Find Divorce Support Groups in Colorado

Consider the following resources to find a divorce support group in Colorado:

Fisher Seminar

One of the most known nationwide seminars is the Fisher Seminar. It has been offered for over 25 years by a Colorado marriage therapist, Dr. Bruce Fisher. It is a 10-week program that teaches relationship-building skills in addition to offering divorce support groups for separated and divorced parties. More information can be found at http://divorceseminarcenter.com/, including seminar and class descriptions.

Find Divorce Support Groups

There are other additional resources available to find divorce support groups in Colorado. One of the most known is a website, https://www.divorcecare.org/findagroup, which allows a search for divorce support groups, based on the location, meeting type, and time that works best for the individual. The website even has the ability to research English-speaking divorce support groups outside of the United States.

Rebuilding Seminar

Other additional resources to consider for divorce support groups include the 10-week Rebuilding Seminar with Will Limon, a published author, who has worked with Dr. Bruce Fisher in the past. You can find more information at rebuilding.org. DailyStrength is another option to consider as it provides online options for support groups facing different health conditions, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or PTSD.

Other Meetups and Workshops

In addition, Meetup.com, DC4K, and Safe & Sound provide support groups, workshops, and other resources for children in divorced relationships to learn to cope with their feelings and uncertainties.

Why You Should Consider Join a Divorce Support Group

Realize You Are Not Alone

After divorce, people often want to shut down, not letting others into their lives. However, it is important for mental and physical well-being to be able to speak with others who went or are still going through the same experiences. Sharing your feelings and speaking out loud about what is bothering you often helps in understanding your feelings and where they are coming from, which allows us to better deal with them.

Create Your Community

Often, married individuals give up certain hobbies due to a lack of time to continue them. Whether you gave up a hobby or never got a chance to explore something you were always interested in, now is a great time to get involved. Doing something you enjoy when being surrounded by new people will allow you to focus your thoughts on something else, giving you a break from the mental load of focusing solely on your divorce. It is very common to meet people at divorce support groups who share the same interests as you, and who may introduce you to various activities, clubs, or groups that will give you the mental break you need.

Talk Through Your Problems

While most have a friend or family member whom they are very close with and can talk mostly about anything, often when it comes to something as personal as divorce, we feel like we cannot be fully honest even with that person, due to the fear of being judged. Belonging to a divorce support group in Colorado, allows an individual to speak with others who are dealing with the same situation, most likely facing the same emotions, which allows for much better support. The individuals in the group can brainstorm and talk through different ways to handle the unexpected life change and the feelings that come with it.

Take Care of Yourself

While it may seem very difficult at first, having no motivation or desire to get out of bed, taking the time to take care of yourself, and focusing on your needs is more important than ever before. Staying in bed for extended periods of time, not eating well, not exercising, and staying away from people, can often lead to depression and other mental health issues. It is important to take time for yourself, whether that means going to the gym, listening to music, getting a massage, or anything else one may enjoy. When attending a divorce support group in Colorado, individuals may brainstorm ideas on what activities they have taken that allowed them to focus on themselves and their needs, allowing them to heal quickly.

Other Possible Resources to Consider

In addition to seminars and divorce support groups in Colorado, created also by Bruce Fisher, are the two published books, Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends and Rebuilding Workbook: When Your Relationship Ends. Both are based on the principles available in his seminar, which focuses on personal growth and recovery, but unlike the seminars, the books allow for a more self-paced process, allowing you to work through each book at your own pace, focusing on those aspects that are most important to you, and those methods and activities that allow you to heal quicker. Also, both can be bought without attending the seminars, which is a much more affordable option for most who are also facing financial hardships due to divorce.

Learn How a Divorce Support Group in Colorado Can Help You

If you are facing a divorce and need support during such a stressful time in your life, call our experienced legal team at Johnson Law Group at  (720) 463-4333 to speak with an attorney who can help you better understand your needs and assist you in finding a divorce support group in Colorado.

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Written by Family Law Attorney Myles S. Johnson
Divorce doesn’t have to be dramatic. For the litigants, losing your spouse is significant enough. But you can choose the way it affects your daily life. The only guarantee I can give is that the feeling that you have right now will not be the feeling you end with. This is a season in your life, and it must be approached that way.
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