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Colorado Springs Divorce Mediation Attorney

A divorce or separation can be an extremely difficult process for many reasons. Most people put a lot of themselves and their resources into making a marriage work, so it can feel like a crushing personal failure when what you had hoped would be your happily-ever-after relationship doesn’t work out that way. To make matters worse, sometimes the legal proceedings themselves can become very contentious and emotional, especially when it’s time to split up property or make child custody decisions. This statement can be true even for well-adjusted adults who have no doubts about the need to end their marriage.

As a result of the great underlying potential for tension and heightened emotions, people unfamiliar with the actual legal process of divorce can sometimes imagine divorce proceedings as a series of dramatic, made-for-TV hearings, where smooth-talking lawyers fiercely argue with one another before a stoic judge, until every penny on the table has been assigned to one ex-partner or the other.

In reality, however, keeping you out of the courtroom entirely (or at least as much as possible) is usually one of the best things your lawyer can do for you—and a divorce lawyer is no exception to this. By working with a qualified family law mediator, you and your ex may be able to make your divorce faster, smoother, and less expensive for everyone.

Differences Between Mediation and Traditional Divorce:

  • Mediation allows you and your ex to collaborate in a neutral setting with help from a trained professional. Traditional divorces need to be "fought" in a court of law. Whereas divorce hearings are a highly structured and formalized process, mediation opens your divorce to a variety of negotiating tactics that may work better for you and your ex.
  • Compared to the stereotypical divorce “battle,” mediation can save on attorney fees for everyone involved—not only are you keeping the case out of the courtroom as much as possible, but you and your spouse are also using the same attorney for this part of the process.
  • Mediation gives you and your spouse more direct control of dividing assets and figuring out co-parenting strategies, rather than putting everything in the hands of judges and court officials who are complete strangers to you and your family.
Colorado Springs Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Mediation Process FAQs

Q: How Much Does a Mediator Cost in Colorado?

A: Like any other legal service, the total cost of divorce mediation will vary based on several factors. Since most attorneys charge by the hour, perhaps the single most important factor is the amount of time required at the bargaining table for you and your spouse to come to agreements on key issues. The quality of the law firm you choose to handle your mediation will also certainly play a role in total cost, as will the market conditions for legal help in your city. Adequate divorce mediators will often cost $250 per hour and up, depending on the details of the case, but this can still represent large savings over a divorce conducted entirely in court.

Q: What Is the Downside Of Divorce Mediation?

A: For some couples going through particularly contentious separations, a downside to mediation can be the fact that you must work collaboratively with your ex to hash out agreements. For most couples who can sit down and do mediation, however, there are very few downsides. Mediated divorces in Colorado tend to be cheaper, faster, and more civil than those fought in a courtroom. Bad attitudes are typically one of the biggest barriers to mediation, so as long as both spouses are on board, mediation offers tons of upside and very little downside by allowing a trained family law professional to help you with sensitive issues like child custody agreements and the division of marital property. One potential downside to mediation can be the mediator showing favoritism to one party or the other, but this can be easily avoided by working with a reputable law firm that maintains a sterling reputation in the Commerce City community, such as Johnson Law Group.

Q: Does Colorado Require Mediation for Divorce?

A: No, mediation is a voluntary part of the divorce process, but it is often in your best interest to pursue this option if possible. Mediation can save time, money, and drama, as well as set a great example for your children by showing that you and their other parent can still work collaboratively and have a productive relationship despite your marriage ending. When conducted effectively, with both parties negotiating in good faith, mediation can allow you, your ex, and your minor children to get your familial resources divided as quickly as possible and focus on moving forward with your exciting new lives.

Q: What Happens in Mediation for a Divorce in Colorado?

A: Divorce mediation is a simple concept. Rather than hash out all the details of your divorce in a courtroom with separate attorneys, mediation involves you and your ex (or your individual legal representation, if desired) sitting down with a neutral third-party attorney to work out the details in private before the case goes to a courtroom. Mediation is a powerful and legally binding tool, but it can also be conducted more informally than a courtroom hearing, so the exact steps may look different depending on whom you hire as a mediator and what their individual mediation style is.

Johnson Law Group, LLC – Your Colorado Springs Divorce Mediation Specialists

Divorce is never easy, but high-quality mediation services from the family law professionals at Johnson Law Group of Denver can make it that much easier. Our mediation services lead to fair outcomes, ensuring that everyone, including any minor children involved, can walk away with the support they need to heal and move forward with their lives. Marriage is a partnership, and you can save money and set a good example for your children by maintaining that spirit of collaboration and support throughout the dissolution of that partnership by leveraging the mediation process. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and take that important first step towards a better and healthier tomorrow for yourself and your family.


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