Steps Toward a Healthy Divorce

July 18, 2022

Healthy Divorce

One-fifth of first marriages end in divorce within the first five years, and almost half of marriages end before the couple’s 20-year anniversary, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Divorce is a stressful experience and is loaded with complex legal considerations, financial decisions, and overwhelming emotions. Although never a pleasant situation, it may be possible to have a healthy divorce if you consider and follow some of these steps. If you are considering a divorce, or in the process of starting a divorce, consider visiting with the experienced divorce attorneys at Johnson Law Group. Our compassionate and understanding attorneys can help you understand all of your legal options and answer all of your questions, which can help you move forward through a healthy divorce. Contact our legal team to learn more and to schedule an appointment today at (720) 463-4333 or at Text-to-Chat at (720) 730-4558.

Take Care of Yourself

You have heard it before, but it is truly important to have compassion for yourself and take time out for self-care. Separation and divorce can cause a variety of emotions, such as fear, guilt, anger, grief, and frustration. Taking moments to ensure that you stay mentally and emotionally healthy may make this challenging experience a little easier. Keep physically active and stay healthy by eating right. It may be helpful to call upon a support network of friends and family and consider visiting with a therapist throughout the divorce process to help you adjust during this difficult time. Making sure that you take care of yourself can be a foundational step in your healthy divorce.

Keep Communicating

Calm and healthy communication may seem hard to accomplish with your spouse right now, and for many divorcing couples, the process can be an adversarial and antagonistic experience. However, it is crucial that you try to communicate and cooperate as much as possible, to achieve the best possible results. This is especially critical if there are child custody issues involved in your divorce. If you can see the divorce as a negotiation instead of a battleground, it may be possible for everyone to benefit. Some practical ideas to help make communication proceed more smoothly may be writing lists of topics to discuss ahead of time, choosing to talk when you feel most prepared and calm, or handling communication primarily over email.

Consider Mediation

When best efforts fail and productive communication seems impossible, consider involving a mediator. Reports suggest that mediation can promote benefits for children, spousal relationships, and overall emotional satisfaction. Your attorney can assist in finding a mediator, which is a neutral third-party individual, whose help may bring a reduction in conflict, help find innovative solutions regarding difficult decisions, and alleviate some tension and stress between you and your spouse. The Johnson Law Group can work with you to make sure that you understand all of your legal options and ensure that your legal and financial rights are represented within your healthy divorce.

Protect the Children

Divorce can challenge children in many ways, according to the American College of Pediatrics. Although children can feel caught in the confusion and pain of divorce, parents who take care to put their child’s needs above their own can still create a healthy, stable environment for their child. Taking your child to visit with a therapist may assist in managing emotions throughout the process. In the end, children are often fine after a divorce, especially if both parents have made significant efforts in order to achieve a healthy divorce.

Steps to a Healthy Divorce

You cannot control your spouse, but you can control your own actions. Here are some things to consider that may steer your divorce toward a more healthy, amicable result.

View the Big Picture

Although divorce can be intense and all-consuming, remember to be grateful for your life, children, and family. After the divorce, your life can move on. In many cases, divorce can be the catalyst for other changes in your life. Make sure to take the time to appreciate the big picture and the forward trajectory your life will take.

Put the Children First

Ensure that you always put your children first. This is important in order for them to continue to flourish and grow and become well-adjusted into adulthood.

Always Act in Good Faith

However difficult, try to keep a position of goodwill throughout the divorce process. Negotiate the divorce terms with an attitude of honor and try to act in good faith.

Choose Respect and Dignity

Understandably, you may feel sad, frustrated, or angry with your spouse. As much as possible, try to keep a sense of dignity and act with an attitude of respect.  In situations where you share custody of the children with your ex-spouse, this is especially important.

Refuse to Place Blame

Make the tough decision to refuse an attitude of blame. This difficult but crucial decision can lead to a more peaceful environment between you and your ex-spouse, and it may contribute to a healthier divorce.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney to Learn More

Even with the goal of a healthier perspective throughout your divorce, you still should consider contacting an advocate to ensure that your legal rights, your children, and your assets are protected. Visiting with an experienced divorce attorney can answer your questions, discuss your options for the division of property and child custody, and safeguard your legal rights. Contact a qualified divorce attorney today at Johnson Law Group at (720) 463-4333 or at Text-to-Chat at (720) 730-4558 to schedule a free consultation and to discuss your unique situation.  We understand that all divorces are emotional, however, you can take significant steps in order to ensure that you have a healthy divorce for you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and your children.

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Written by Family Law Attorney Myles S. Johnson
Divorce doesn’t have to be dramatic. For the litigants, losing your spouse is significant enough. But you can choose the way it affects your daily life. The only guarantee I can give is that the feeling that you have right now will not be the feeling you end with. This is a season in your life, and it must be approached that way.
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